Early morning stories at the Crops Research Institute

I was at the Crops Research Institute by 4:00AM yesterday to queue for hybrid cocoa pods which they actually start rationing at 9:00AM … I had to go that early so i could skip the long queue of hundreds of farmers that troop there every Tuesday morning…. I went with my farmer friend J.K Kwarteng (69 years) and to our surprise we met another farmer friend of ours, Agya Poku (75 years) there already….he was the first person in the queue and was there exactly 3.34AM he claimed. We joined him and the 3 of us sat down to chat.. omg i just love old people.

Agya Poku was narrating his life stories and experiences to us…He was born in 1939…exactly a week after his birth there was EARTHQUAKE in Ghana… He shared stories of him as a little boy before independence and life after independence…political issues in the 60s,70s and the 80s…In short he was of the view that if you didn’t see Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana then you haven’t enjoyed Ghana…Ghana became a mad woman as soon as they overthrew Nkrumah… This mad woman Ghana’s situation got worse and worse till the late 70s and early 80s when she finally stripped herself naked and started jumping naked at every market center.

J.K. Kwarteng had already giving up on Ghana..he said he is 69.. and he doesn’t foresee himself spending another 69 years…he is just praying to see the fruit of his labour in 3 years so that after his death…the children and grand children will see that he had them in mind hence his cocoa project…. one thing they keep telling me “small (they call me) you are on the right path.. just be focused on what you have started and you will be surprised at your reward.”

Agya Poku said something that made me sad…  he said “… am praying i harvest this cocoa before my 80th birthday then i can die in peace….”

I am anticipating to harvest mine before 30 years but in all I learned a lot of lessons – will it end this way for me?

Make hay while the sun shines… I don’t want to be 75 or 69 waking up around 3 am to chase cocoa pods…..I don’t want to be 75 or 69 viewing Ghana as a naked mad woman jumping at the market square…I don’t want to be 75 or 69 working so hard in a country in which I don’t foresee any future…..

Let’s Love and build ourselves..physically, mentally, spiritually, financially whatever “ally” so we lack nothing, rising up to the supreme unlimited beings we are… Each one teach one.. Touch a brother or sister and you will touch your family which will touch your clan to touch the your tribe who in touching your nation will HEAL THE WORLD..BE STRONG …BE THAT CHANGE!

Oops time to go to farm…signing out.

DADEAKO‬, AsuoTano, ‬‪‎RastamanVibration‬… ..we doing this not because we got nothing else to do but we were BORN TO DO this.

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