Cashew News – March 2015

Greetings cashew lovers! Greetings GH Cashew fans!!

GH Cashew has being working very hard this cashew season in our quest to add value to cashew from the farms to the shops.

We had a big order Just as the season began to supply 500MT of raw cashew nuts to a company overseas . This put us on a hunt for raw cashew nuts.traveling from town to town,village to village and to settlement to settlement.. Tell us you have cashew on your farm and we are there already… This really opened our eyes deepening the fact that majority of Ghana’s raw materials comes from some of the most deprived and remote areas.

Again,how our raw materials are being exported on a daily bases to the detriment of local industries…

GH Cashew depends on cashew kernels to makes most of the stuff we do such as spiced roasted cashew kernels,cashew milk in various flavors,cashew butter,cashew cheese etc…. But our processor (processes raw cashew nuts for cashew kernels) then informed us of the challenges he is going through due to the constant rise in prices forraw cashew nuts,the tight competition among cashew buying companies and agents… Bottom line… The price of a kilo has gone up by virtually 45% or more… And that hit me like a thunderbolt….. Our first batch of roasted cashew kernel had just gone out,how do we just up prices by at least 40% to break even??? Well we negotiated another deal with our processor. GH Cashew was to source raw cashew nuts ourselves and present it to the processor. This way, we will only be charged the cost of processing instead of paying for already semi-processed kernel.. Everything comes with a price… But we were lucky… Fortunately or unfortunately, we had to terminate the deal with our overseas clients.. Both companies did that in good faith with much assurance for future transactions. GH Cashew has now being dragged in to the business of cashew sourcing and buying. We haven’t deviated from our basics – Cashew Rum is ready and better… thanks to all the nice people who sampled our first batch and gave us genuine and sincere feedback… It really and truly helped. Bless you all.. We are currently awaiting labels for the cashew rum and rest assured first week of the April it will be out.
GH Cashew is well-positioned this season and will be doing a lot of publicity this time. We will be doing lots of fairs,events,open markets and even “door to door” (R.I.P Agya Atta). The thing is…as little as we may be..we still want to be in your face, in your fridges,in your kitchen and also in your bellies. We want you to soak the real sweetness of Ghana’s healthy organic cashews and also tap all its nutritional values to better your life….
So that’s what we have being up to the past few weeks…we promise to keep you updated more regularly this time around.Thanks to our clients, our partner, fans and everyone who believed in us from 2013. We are poised to make ourselves proud,make you proud and make Ghana proud.

One Love.

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