Blessed Sunrise

Blessed SUNRISE…give thanks to the most high gift of life and strength. I want to vent out something… I do cashew….so if you want toknow something about cashew and you inbox constantly for over 2 months and all I keep telling you is no worries I will contact you, what will you take me for??????? Well, what about if it was an health issue?????? Bottom line.. some Ghanaians go abroad and in other to save their ass from working they pick on advocacy – NGO for this NGO for that. Using the poor Ghanaian society as bargaining chips to enrich themselves. I call this EVIL! Check this… I have a sister with Autism and I am and have always been searching all over to get help for her condition. I came across this NABB Autism Support International by Ohemaa Abena Akyaa Boateng and I tell they are nothing better than toilet paper. Autism is a DISTURBING issue for families with autistic children so if you know you are not up to the task why raise hopes and then play with the emotions of families.? Is it for the attention? Probably the monies they getting from donors. I SAY NO TO THIS…IS EVIL and HEARTLESS. If you cant walk the talk don’t mention it at all… you can get more money and attention from being a breast tattoo model or porn star than to toying with the emotions of fragile families. HOTTER FYAH pon this Jezebel…LIGHTNING and THUNDER.

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