Lawrence Adusei Nti

Lawrence Adusei Nti

Owner & CEO

  • Lawrence Adusei Nti
    Owner & CEO
    From Prempeh college to Wisconsin intl Uni Ghana, Kofi Nti has a degree in BSc Business studies (2011).  He’s a natural born entrepreneur with keen interest in agricultural development in Ghana.
    G.H Cashew , everything cashew.
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G.H CASHEW (registered October 2013) is a rapidly expanding Ghanaian (Techiman, Brong Ahafo Region) company that does everything cashew from start to finish.
We FARM,SOURCE,and PROCESS not only the cashew nuts and apples into quality food and drinks but also processes cashew leaves and bark into tea and medicinal products.
We are the only company in Ghana that adds value to every part of the cashew tree from start (seed) to finish. We grow cashew and process cashew all the way to give you the best of Ghana’s cashew .


Making the best out of Ghana’s cashew.


Our vision is to become the number one company in the world that grows cashew and adds value to cashew throughout the entire value chain.

What We Do

We have FARM

We have a 15-acre (and growing) organic cashew farm which is the core source of our products. We also have a pool of of organic and non-organic cashew farmers from which we source our nuts,apples and leaves.
We have a nursery where we produce organically grafted cashew seedlings for sale and for demonstration purposes.
We also do bee keeping on our cashew farms to produce cashew honey.


We source for Raw Cashew Nuts for local processors and Exporters.
We have the capacity to source up a 100MT of raw cashew nuts.


We have processors who process our 100% organic cashew nuts into kernels. we further process the kernels into products like cashew milk,cheese,butter and snacks.
We process cashew apples into drinks like natural cashew juice and cashew rum.
Cashew leaves and barks are processed for its medicinal properties into powder and tea.
Bee keeping is also practiced on our farms,which helps increase yield significantly as well as producing high premium cashew honey.